Pre-planning your funeral service can be as simple as writing down your wishes and having the peace of mind knowing your funeral will be how you want it. Others choose to pre-plan and pre-pay for their funeral to ease the financial burden on their family and avoid any inflation in the price of the funeral.  To get started, please fill out our Pre-Arrangement Form.  Whatever your reason for pre-planning, Owens-Pavlot & Rogers Funeral Service, Inc. will assist you in setting up a trust fund for your pre-arranged funeral account. Our trust fund guarantees the funeral home charges.

In our pre-arranged funeral trust account, the principle is placed in an account with PrePlan or a local bank and gains interest. This interest helps offset any inflation in the funeral home charges. At the time of need the principal and interest are applied to the current funeral charges. Any remaining funds from the pre-arranged funeral account will be returned to the estate or to the county, depending on the situation. In the event the interest did not keep up with inflation, the remaining balance of the funeral home charges is discounted. An appropriate amount of the interest is applied to the cash advance third party items. The balance is then the responsibility of the estate. Only the funeral home charges are guaranteed. We cannot guarantee 3rd party cash advance items.

Medicaid Planning
If you need to apply for Medicaid we can assist you in setting up an irrevocable trust fund in accordance with social service laws.