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January 27, 2014

In NYSFDA's January 24, 2014 eCLIPS Bulletin, we referred to a national story from Cleveland alerting to a new type of internet scam.

As noted in the article, internet users recently began receiving e-mails from various unidentified sources posing as funeral homes with attention-getting subject lines such as the "Passing of your friend," messages that informed recipients a "dear friend" had passed away and invited them to attend that person's upcoming funeral or memorial service.

The messages provided a hyperlink (on the word "here") for readers to click in order to obtain detailed information about the date and location of the service. Users who attempted to open and view that ZIP file ended up executing a malicious file which installed a Trojan virus on their PCs.  As such, under no circumstances should recipients click the link; their computer will become infected with malware.

We are now receiving reports from NYSFDA members that these emails are being received in New York State as well.

Please spread the word to your community about this scam.

We hope this information is helpful to you.